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Execute a system test for another team's product.

Develop a system test plan.

Create UML sequence diagrams to express class behavior.

Create UML class diagrams that represent a problem domain from a requirement specification.

Use UML class diagrams to create a context diagram for a case study.

This assignment will give students a better understanding of fundamental software development concepts. It will allow them to discuss these concepts with others to refine their understanding. It will also give them practice documenting knowledge in…

Compare static and dynamic testing approaches.


Describe general principles that guide software testing.


This is an assignment focused on using Java API documentation to find methods that aid in solving a problem. In it, students must write a program that parses text and "cleans it up" (in particular: a name, address, and phone number, entered in a…

Software specifications are often written in the form of API documentation. In this assignment, students are asked to write software by using an API as the specification.