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“Incorporating Communication Learning Outcomes
Across the Computer Science (CS) and Software Engineering
(SE) Curriculum” is an NSF-funded project that aims to identify
the communication skills, specifically those involving reading,

This is Part 4 of a series of assignments that have to do with an automobiles audio system. Part 1 and Part 2 must be completed before part 4 can be done.

Give student groups a concept/data structure/algorithm and ask them to create an assignment that utilizes that idea. The group must generate the following:

a) An assignment description to be given to the student
b) A solution to the…

Have students each learn a class in the Java API and have them teach the use of that class to three other students in their group.

Students get assigned their groups and class to learn in one class period and come back to share what they learned…

A student has launched a Denial of Service attack on the university's email server. Now, the student must appear in front of the disciplinary committee.

This assignment is a role-play of this meeting.

Essay Prompt for a junior/senior level computer science course:

Write an essay geared towards a current Computer Science II student that does the following:

(1) Gives a brief synopsis of the course material
(2) Explains the course’s…

Essay Question: Write a summary of COT 4210 (Theory of Computation) for a current Computer Science II student. Summarize the main points of the course and explain which ideas from the course are most relevant to their computer science education as a…