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Janet Burge, Paul Cantonwine, Arup Guha, Ed Gehringer


Course assignments and resources for CS2 and related courses.

Give students the specification for an assignment they will later have to solve. However, for the assignment, simply make students write test data. The idea is to get them thinking about testing a piece of software they have not written and making them come up with test cases based on a…

Inspect a partially completed program that has logic, documentation, and style errors. The inspection is done as a team in-class. Then, as individuals, write a report of the inspection results, fix the errors and complete the program, and then extend the program to add new functionality (basic and…

This assignment can be used in lieu of a programming assignment. Give students the specification for one of your usual programming assignments and have students come up with two possible program designs. They then have to argue (orally) to you in favor of one of the two designs.

For any set of requirements, students generate a design proposal rationale that includes a UML class diagram. The rubric evaluates how the students model the requirements and how they justify their design decisions and how the design meets the requirements. The objectives of this assignment are (1)…

In this assignment the student will design the classes to be used in simulating a car audio system's user interface providing such options as scan capabilities, changing from AM to FM, and storing stations for quick selection. UML diagram will pictorally describe the classes and their inheritace…

Use a problem statement as a starting point to design and implement a software project. This is intended to be the students’ first experience implementing a project without being given starter code.

Technical details of the specific assignment have been omitted – it can be used as a framework…

In this assignment the student will develop the coding comments and program code for all of the classes designed for the Auto Music System Simulater that was designed in the previous assignment. See http://cs-comm.lib.muohio.edu/admin/items/show/49to see previous assignment Download Main.java for…

The student will design and code an application that uses the Auto Music System classes designed and coded in previous assignments to simulate an actual car audio system. Refer to http://cs-comm.lib.muohio.edu/admin/items/show/65 to see previous assignment

Give student groups a concept/data structure/algorithm and ask them to create an assignment that utilizes that idea. The group must generate the following:

a) An assignment description to be given to the student
b) A solution to the assignment
c) A grading criteria
d) A set of test cases…

This is Part 4 of a series of assignments that have to do with an automobiles audio system. Part 1 and Part 2 must be completed before part 4 can be done.


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