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Janet Burge, Margaret Heil, Chuck Wallace


Course assignments and resources for Capstone and related courses.

In this project, a team of students writes an e-mail memo to request a meeting with the client for their project.

This can be used with projects other than the capstone.

This assignment gives students the opportunity to write a personal journal of individual project activity (on a weekly basis) as well as summarize monthly individual contribution to their team’s project. If students use this assignment to describe challenges, it may actually help them to problem…

A written draft of project progress report that includes sections describing: requirements, design, implementation, testing and task plans. Student team works together to develop audience-sensitive written project progress reports. This assignment allows students to organize and record their…

This assignment allows presenters the opportunity to orally summarize their team’s project in a very short amount of time (2.5-3 minutes) for a diverse audience. Within that amount of time, the presenter will need to attract the audience, sell the project idea and show technical expertise. As a…

This assignment allows presenters the opportunity to orally summarize the state of their team's project at the time of the presentation and the report should give the audience a low-level and technical look at the details of the team's design and implementation. Student team is required to give a…

In this assignment (originating from a real projects/real clients course using Scrum, but generalizable to other agile methods), the student prepares for her new role as liaison with the client (in the Scrum framework, part of the Product Owner role), summarizes the content of the initial client…


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