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Credit: public domain

Homework 5: Process

Andrew Begel

Every project needs its own custom process due to unique business requirements and technical dependencies. In this homework, you'll devise your process and build out the tools and infrastructure you need to implement your process. To drive your process design, write a GitHub wiki page that answers the following questions:

For each answer you provide, provide a written justification that explains the rationale behind your decisions, given what you know about what you need to build. I want to incentivize you to think deeply about each of these choices, to make sure your process decision actually makes sense. (Who wants to do things that don't make sense?)

All this said, your answers above are a prototype. Expect your process to change. Plan for it to change.

Grading Criteria

Submit a GitHub link to Canvas for credit.

A good process is consistent with reality. You'll get a full 4 points if you 1) answer all of the questions above and 2) the answers you provide are account for the reality of your schedules, availability, and time. For every part of your process that seems either arbitrary or unnecessary, you will lose 0.25 points. To make sure that your proposed process doesn't have these elements, be explicit not just about who is doing what but why they are the right choice and why they have sufficient time, expertise, and resources to do it. Being explicit will help us assess how rational your decisions are, but more importantly, it will help you be more rational about your decisions.