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Credit: Techno FAQ

Homework 11 - Project Presentations

Andrew Begel


The goal of the project presentation is to show off your team's project to the rest of the class. You will walk us through your team's design and implementation of your project scenarios. For the purposes of this presentation, pretend that you're on Shark Tank and that the members of the audience are well-compensated IT professors looking to invest in an exciting, high-quality application.
Each team will have 12 minutes for their presentation. You should prepare some slides as well as a demo of your project.

Content Requirements

  1. Introduction: Tell us your team name. Introduce each member of your team and the roles they each played in the project.
  2. Concept: Tell us about the main concept of your project.
  3. Elevator Pitch: Give us a two sentence elevator pitch about each of your project's use cases or scenarios.
  4. Demo: Using either the real application or a mockup, demonstrate the steps of each project scenario that you have finished. Explain the design of each step and the rationale behind its design.
  5. Technical Details: As you go through the steps of your project scenarios, explain the technical underpinnings of the features involved. How was it built? What technologies were used? Why did you build it this way?
  6. Testing: Explain how you tested or validated the features in the project scenarios. Were any of your tests automated? How did your test case design process ensure that your testing was complete?
  7. Reflection:
  8. Conclusion: Conclude by thanking your team, its helpers, and supporters. Then, say goodbye.
  9. Questions: You may have to answer up to two questions from the professor, TA, LA, or audience.


All project members are required to speak meaningfully about some aspect of the project.
Your presentation grade will not depend on the the completeness of your implementation or testing.

Grading criteria

Presentations will be judged on participation, completeness, and enthusiasm, for a total of 4 points.

If you participate meaningfully in the presentation, you earn 2 points. This means you speak about some non-trivial part of the project. You will lose 1 point if your total speaking time is less than one minute.

If your team speaks about all the required content elements, you earn 1 point.

If your team makes a good faith effort to sell your project to the “investors” in the audience, you earn 1 point.

Review Your SMART Commitments

After presentations have been finished, I will hand back the envelopes you turned in on the first day of class. In these you wrote down your SMART Commitments of what you wanted to achieve in this class.

How did you do against your commitments? Did you accomplish everything you set out to? Did you surpass your expectations?