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Credit: public domain

Homework 9 - Patch

Andrew Begel

Now that you have a set of issues reported by your classmates, your job is to triage and repair them, releasing a patch. For each defect:

Because you don't have much time to repair these issues, prioritize the real failures, you can do one of two things for each real failure:

Grading criteria

Your grade will be calculated as the percentage of adequately addressed issues, scaled to 2 points. “Adequate” here is defined as either correctly repaired defects or a detailed justification for why it is impossible to fix the defect before the second launch deadline.

Convincing rationales demonstrate impossibility; appealing to not having enough time is not enough. Show that you've analyzed the fix required to a degree that you know how much work would be required, but that work is not feasible within the remaining timeframe.