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Credit: public domain

Homework 8 - Evaluate

Andrew Begel

Now that every team has launched, it's time to find out whether these applications are functionally correct. Your job in this homework is to find failures in all of your classmates' applications (but not yours, obviously). You'll follow the scale as described in the Release homework:

You can find the application URLs listed on the main page of the course website. For each one, use the application, trying all of it's major features, filing bugs in the team's GitHub repository "Issues" page for each problem you find, marking their severity with the labels above. Expect to spend at least 10 minutes with each application, for just over 1 hour of testing.

Please read the existing bug list before you file your bug. Someone may have already reported it. Do not file duplicate bug reports.

Note that you can fix defects as soon as they're reported; you don't have to wait until after the evaluation period. Be on hand to triage, diagnose, and repair issues to minimize the potential for other major defects being reported.

Grading criteria

This homework is worth 2 points. You'll get one point for filing at least one issue on at least one application that has not yet been reported by anyone else. You'll get another point if that issue contains detailed, unambiguous reproduction steps.

To get this credit, submit a link to the GitHub issue you believe represents your best report.

If you are motivated, you will receive two extra credit points for filing at least 10 bugs. When you turn in your homework, submit a link to each GitHub issue that you have filed, with your best report first and lesser ones afterwards.