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Homework 2: Design specification

Andrew Begel

You know that problem you defined this past week? It's time to solve it. Your task for this homework assignment is to design a solution to it that has the following characteristics:

For this assignment, you don't need to write any code. Instead, you'll be writing a design specification that details the visual and interaction design for your solution (as you've likely done in INFO 360). You should include enough detail that you'll be able to use this as a reference in later deriving requirements.

Your specification should have the following sections:

Write your specification in a Markdown document in your repository's wiki.

Note that you only have a week to do this. That means that your design really can't be that complicated from an interactive perspective. Keep your solution simple. Our focus in this class will be on something that is architected well, defect-free, and shipping, not something that is multifaceted and powerful.

Also note that what you build doesn't have to be a graphical user interface. If you want to build something command line based or even an API, that's okay too. You still need to specify how someone interacts with your design, detailing the commands or APIs that you want to build and explaining in natural language what their behavior is.

Grading Criteria

For homework credit, submit a link to the design specification committed to your GitHub repository.